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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 8, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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an eight hour long standoff between police and an armed man has just ended. we will tell you how it ended. sad news. the bodies of a missing college student found. what police are saying right now about his death. shock. horror, terror for a moment. >> a grieving widow is dealing with another loss this morning.
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what was stolen right before her husband's funeral. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us it's tuesday, march 8th i'm pam cook. a little rain overnight. will we get more today? >> we do have very light rain. it barely shows up on radar. there are heavier amounts especially north. we will light rain from san francisco north. now here is tara. thanks, steve. look at the san mateo bridge. it shows things are pretty wet out there and foggy. 880 near the oakland coliseum traffic is flowing well in all directions. we do have a fog advisory coming up. topping our news we are
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following news from berkeley where narial ten hour long swat standoff happened. kraig debro is on the scene. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. we just talked to police minutes ago. they told us the standoff has ended and it ended with the death of a man they were negotiating. behind me marin and alameda. you can see behind the berkeley police van. it looks like the robots they use when they have a standoff with somebody. instead of putting an officer in the line of fire. we got here probably around 3:30 this morning. we had a camera here as early as 9:50 last night. some of the things we saw out here was a heavy police presence. they used resources. not only the berkeley pd but the oakland pd. they had a bear cat out here from the oakland pd.
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they negotiated with the person inside who's name they are not giving. they didn't say what prompted the man being held up inside. they responded here around 7:30 last night because they had reports of shots fired. just a moment ago a member of the berkeley police department came out here and described what happened when they entered the house. >> we entered the house. we contacted one individual who we believe to be our subject. and upon contact he appeared to be suffering from a self- inflicted gunshot wound. >> reporter: if you take a look down the street you can see yellow tape off around the distance wrapped around the tree. that is possibly the house. they have not pointed it out to us. berkeley police believe that the person inside the house had a self-inflicted gunshot wound and that's the cause of death. they were called outs here with
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reports of shots fired. we are not sure the motive of the shots being fired or identity of the person's who's body was found. this morning we learned the body of a missing california exchange student was found in a river in madrid, spain. police say they don't know what caused 22-year-old austin's death but there was no sign of foul play. now he was a student at san diego state university studying abroad in spain was recently reported missing february 26th by his roommate when he failed to return home after a night out. this morning oakland police are searching for suspects in a deadly shooting. investigators say a man sitting in a car was shot to death an 37th avenue last night. two other people in the car were not hurt. witnesses spotted a black accra legend racing away from that scene. a grieving bay area widow
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is expressing her shock, grief, and outrage over a truly heartless crime. it happened inside a church in alameda on saturday just moments before the funeral was set to begin for 74-year-old kent hockabout. now his widow says a thief made it inside the church and stole a backpack containing her husband's remains. >> what went through their head? going into a church. going into a church and thinking they can take things from there. >> the family is now asking that the remains be returned to the church or brought to the alameda police station. there will be no questions asked. the widow says she doesn't even want anyone prosecuted. a woman run over by a shuttle bus in downtown berkeley is expected to survive. news chopper two was over the scene yesterday afternoon. police say the 54-year-old
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woman was seriously hurt. she and a friend were walking across the street in a crosswalk when she was hit and trapped underneath the uc shuttle bus. her friend says she had to bang on the bus to get the drivers attention. a soldier from san jose was killed over the weekend in afghanistan. the defense department says 31- year-old staff sergeant mark c. wells died after he stepped on a hidden bomb. he leaves behind a wife who is eight months pregnant and their two-year-old son. family friends shared a message from the fallen soldiers parents. >> they write we loved him very, very much. please keep your family -- please keep our family in your prayers. >> a military funeral is planned for march 17th in arizona. tonight the antioch city council is expected to arizona prove a police contract at the center of controversy. the complaints are coming
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mostly from antioch's public works employees. their union claims the city is giving the police union a sweetheart deal while driving a much harder bargain with its workers. >> we told them we will do exactly what you want close to what you want as long as we get a commitment you will get the same thing out of everyone else. >> antioch's police union denies city hall is playing nice. a ballot measure for more taxes has been approved in oakland. however, the temporary parcel tax will only go before voters if governor brown succeeds with his call for a june special election. the oakland measure would ask voters to add a five year $80 parcel tax which is expected to add $11 million to oakland's general fund. 14 people have been charged for refuses to leave uc
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berkeley wheeler hall for a protest. they charged them with misdemeanor offenses for last wednesday's day of action budget protest. the nine students that chained themselves to a fourth floor ledge have not been charged yet. uc berkeley police say they still need to finish their report. a former judge ruled baseball players can be charged to testify in the berry bonds case. the other ballplayers are expected to testify that bonds personal trainer greg anderson provided them with steroids. one of the biggest names mentioned jason giambie. those opposed to gay marriage says obama's decision to no longer defend the gay marriage act should have no -- the motion was filed yesterday
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in response to a request made by same sex marriage supporters. they're asking the court to lift a temporary ban on same sex marriages while the court reviews the legality of proposition 8. here is a story you only see here. new devices across san francisco are improving wireless reception. neighbors say they are nothing but an eyesore. some of the box shaped devices are up on 27th avenue in the richmond district but neighbors say they never received any advance notice about them. >> it's a tradeoff. i mean, i think everyone who still has at & t would say they now have better coverage, but we're not sure we want to pay the price of the visual light. >> some people have filed an appeal saying the city's department of public works made an error in approving the boxes
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because streets with scenic views need additional permit approval. a hear willing take place next week -- a hearing will taste next week. heavy fog tara? >> that is right. we have a warning in san francisco county. let's take a live look at the east shore freeway. traffic is flowing well there. at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the condensation on our camera there. the reedss roads are a -- the roads are a bit slick from last nights rain. so far no delays. steve, 4:40 wasn't expecting this rain. you were not listening yesterday. i said overnight very light rain in the early morning hours. where were you? >> remains to be seen. >> okay, thank you. it's very light. hardly shows up on radar at
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all. it's a weak system. you look and say where is it? that's the deal it's all low level stuff. to the north it's pretty good rain. light rain being reported down to san jose. the radar overshoots a lot of this. occasionally you will get very light drizzle. there is not a lot there. there is temperatures in the upper 40s or low 50s. 48, 47, 49 santa rosa, fairfield, livermore. everyone is close. once this system drags itself out you can see high pressure is nosing in. it will start later on today and carrying into tomorrow. very light rain in the morning but then clouds give way to sunshine. a cloudy morning. it will be warmer as temperatures come up ever so slightly from low to mid 60s. just two to three degrees warmer than we had yesterday. drizzle and then sun and
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clouds. upper 60s on wednesday. these are all heading to the authority avenue north. we're in the southern edge of this. we will get clouds and sun and drizzle. pam. >> thank you. they are digging out of the snow in the north eastern. it was in the record books for vermont. two to three inches per hour hit burlington. there was so much snow that many of the roads won't be plowed until later today. this is the biggest march snowfall on record. 25.8 inches as of last night. check out this video from massachusetts. an suv got stuck in a large muddy mess in the northern part of the state. this mud slide was caused by heavy rains and melting snow. heavy equipment had to be called in to dig out the suv and clear the rest of the road. news out of libya this morning. leader moammar gadhafi could be
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on his way out. what he's asking for in return for stepping down. the focus on iowa. already talking about the presidential election. many potential candidates involved even donald trump. traffic on highway 4 looking good at this hour. we will have more hot spots coming up.
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good morning, lots of local drizzle basically. it's not a lot there. streets are wet and very light rain should end by 8:00 or 9:00. look for clouds to depart. we will have a mostly sunny day. we are hearing this morning for the first time of a possible deal in libya for moammar gadhafi to step down. an opposition leader says colonel gadhafi has agreed to step down if he has safe way out of libya. he is no longer the leader of libya. so far no one in the libyan government has confirmed this report. the taliban is claiming responsibility for a car bombing that killed 20 people in pakistan. it happened in a key hub for the country's textile industry which san area rarely hit by bombing. a taliban spokesperson said they were targeting the office
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of the country's main spy agency. seeks near sacramento say they will not bow down to hate crime. members of the seek community gathered in sacramento yesterday to say they will continue to proudly wear their turbine --. police suspect the two men were targeted because of their appearance. >> the turbines are part of our religion and sikh. >> a $30,000 reward is being offered for information on the shooting. president obama has order the military trials of detain knees -- detainees at georgia tan moe bay to continue.
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potential candidates for the republican presidential bid in 2012 are making their pitches to activist. yesterday's forrum was the first major gathering of the upcoming action. newt gingrich was there and a senator and a businessman and an advisor from donald trump made the trip. >> along with the other half million individuals, we are very anxious to learn about iowa and be able to report back to mr. trump when he hopefully decides to run in june. >> iowa is home to the nation's first caucuses which are the first step in the nomination process open selecting the -- of selecting the next president. they are set for early 2012. the hilton hotel has reached a deal with the union
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that represents # hundred of -- 800 of its workers. it ends an 18 month dispute. it also sets the tone for other hotel groups that are also negotiating. >> we are known and then we are happy and now ready to serve our best without any harsh feeling. >> hilton workers are expected to rad few that new contract friday. the four-year deal is retro active to august 2009 and it maintains fully paid health benefits. it provides more money for pension. it also includes wage increases and workload reductions. the mount diablo school board will slash the budget. that will include lays off employees. including 30 music teachers and
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20 librarians. they have already shut down an elementary school and middle school. board members say they still have to cut $9 million for their budget for the current school year. trustees expect to vote on the cut next week. if you think you are paying a lot for gas, one southern california man has something to say about that. he was charged nearly $2300 on his most recent charge to the pump. a space shuttle discovery is on the way back to earth. when you may be able to see it pass over the bay area.
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welcome back to the morning news. you have to take a look at this video. look at that. it was a scary scene. that is in venezuela, a bull jumped into the crowd during a bullfight. after going into the crowd, the animal made it into the
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corridor that separates spectators from the bull ring. he did make it back into the ring and one person was hurt in that incident. we republican getting an early look -- we are getting a new look at a new baseball pitching helmet. you will -- you may remember gunnar sandberg that spent a month in a coma last year after being hit in the head by a line drive. his story -- now he is endorsing the helmet. >> it was hit around here. obviously this hard shell would have protected that. the helmet is just the prototype phase right now. it can be available as early as this fall. as for sandberg he is back to playing baseball. talk about paying at the
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pump. a southern california man was confused after he was charged nearly $2300 during a trip to the gas station. >> it's lewd chris. there is no way i could pump $2300 worth of gas. >> he filled up last night. he pumped about 13.5 gallons of gas which the pump showed cost $54.70. his receipt showed a charge for $2300 taken right out of his bank account. the gas station says they are trying to figure out what happened but they all fix the mistake. coming up at 5:00 there is an accident in the east bay. >> there is a crash in the livermore area. it's an suv verses a semi on 580 east. it looks like the driver has minor injuries. a couple lanes are blocked. this is in the opposite direction of the commute. 880 still looks dark out there. it's wet from last nights rain.
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no delays. finally 101 through san francisco it's not too foggy here. there is a heavy fog advisory in effect it has been for the past few hours. it's effecting traffic near highway 1. so take it slowly through that section. 4:54 steve, i'm paying attention now. you always do. very good. it's raining a little bit. drizzle but not a lot. now if you're up toward eureka yeah there is rain up there. for us we're hard pressed to find many clouds. they are there. they are draped over us. see very light drizzle and light rain. there is some around oakland. but again it's really light stuff. high pressure is building in. it's a slow process. after fog and drizzle we will have mostly sunny skies. highs are inching up. we will end up with a lot of
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low to mid 60s. this system again there is not a lot there. once it slides by you can see the signature of the high building in and that will give us a mostly sunny day. the drizzle there in the morning our very, very light rain. clouds will give away to sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures. it's already a mild air mass over us. 60s here. low to mid. 64 san jose and morgan hill. the storm track is lifting north. each of the systems clips us. overall it's looking mostly sunny and warmer. friday and saturday look good until the next system arrives on sunday. pam. >> thank you. the space shuttle is right on schedule for its landing in florida, but bay area sky watches have a chance to see discovery tonight. the shuttle left the international space station yesterday. it will pass over the bay area at 7:25 our time this evening. if the skies are clear, you
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should be able to see it as a moving speck of light passing from the northwest to the southeast. i was able to catch it one time. try to check that out tonight. it's been anything but restful for people living in one berkeley neighborhood after a nine-hour standoff the discouraging resolution. we go live to the scene up next. and moments before a funeral a grieving widow says she discovered her husband's remains were nowhere to be found. why she believes a thief is to blame.
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an overnight standoff between police and berkeley is over. how police believe the man took his own life. sad news this morning about a california student who went missing in spain. many questions remain. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. good morning, thank you for joins us it's tuesday, march 8th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you. we have cloudy skies and light drizzle. it doesn't even show up on radahe


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